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Couple of years ago I met two chick that worked the streets of this beautiful city. One of them was a real stunner, and the other one was kind of average looking. The cute one turned out used to make about three times less money than the avreage looking one.
Now that really puzzled me, I mean when you pick a whore you should always pick the prety ones, right?
Well, of course I have never ever been with a whore but I'm just using my common sence.
Well, after getting to know these two chick a bit better the mony-making machine told me her secret.
Ahe said "There a many more girls out there that are prettier and younger than me, but I am a pee pee whore, I know what men want, I never say no, I do golden shower, ####, movies, I swallow, I pee on their faces, I drink theri pee, you name it."
And she wasn't lying, couple of months later she paid about $10 000 for a boob job, bought countless presents for her family, and went back to her own country.

Ok, since this is my first entry let me spoil you wth a cute peeing babe picture:

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